Jeffrey Rautio, O.D.

Jeffrey Rautio, O.D.

A highly experienced eye doctor, specializing in LASIK eye care

Dr. Jeffrey Rautio practices with Adelson LASIK in the Metro Detroit, Michigan area.

Dr. Rautio, portait


Dr. Jeffrey Rautio is a distinguished graduate of the Michigan College of Optometry at Ferris State University. Since then, Dr. Rautio has been delivering the highest level of eye care to his patients during his three decades in practice.

Refractive Experience

Dr. Rautio is a highly experienced eye doctor who provides exceptional pre-operative and post-operative care for his patients. He’s deeply committed to advancing eye care practices, and specializes in treating a variety of ocular conditions, such as dry eye disease and glaucoma. Moreover, he offers comprehensive vision and medical eye exams for both adult and pediatric patients at Adelson Eye & Laser Center.


One of the standout moments in Dr. Rautio's impressive career was his appointment as Team Optometrist for the Detroit Lions football team in 1991. For nine years, he diligently ensured optimal vision and eye care for the team’s players, coaches, and support personnel.

Beyond his medical pursuits, Dr. Rautio is a man of varied interests. He enjoys golf and has demonstrated his entrepreneurial skills as the President and Founder of WorldWide TeeTime, an Internet-based golf tee-time booking service. Additionally, he was elected to the Board of Directors of Pro Golf of America, a golf franchising company. Serving as President of Enercorp, Inc., a Business Development Company (BDC) under the SEC 1940 Act, is yet another accomplishment in his diverse career.

His contributions to the field extend to numerous presentations, publications, and lectures within the optometric and ophthalmology community. Dr. Rautio's work primarily focuses on process flow and continuous improvement initiatives for optometric and ophthalmology practices, development and management of ophthalmology and optometric programs for refractive surgery and cataract patients, and advanced diagnosis, treatment, and therapy for dry eye and glaucoma.