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At Adelson LASIK, our dedication lies within our technology, results, and patient care. We’re committed to delivering cutting-edge laser eye surgery advancements, unparalleled individualized care, and optimal outcomes for each patient we serve.

Dr Howard Adelson
Dr Todd Adelson

Dr. Todd Adelson and Dr. Howard Adelson are two of the most experienced LASIK surgeons in the Metro Detroit area. In the last two decades, they’ve performed over 50,000 LASIK and PRK procedures, which speaks to their wealth of knowledge and experience.

You can count on our dedicated team of clinical counselors and surgeons to ensure you receive the superior care you deserve.

Cutting-Edge LASIK Technology

At Adelson LASIK, we are at the forefront of cutting-edge LASIK technology, offering two procedures that have revolutionized vision correction - Contoura LASIK and All-Laser LASIK.

Contoura LASIK

Contoura LASIK is an FDA-approved breakthrough in the world of laser vision correction. This innovative procedure employs a high-definition camera to meticulously map 22,000 points on the corneal surface, capturing unique imperfections and irregularities in unprecedented detail. By using this highly detailed map as a guide, the Contoura LASIK procedure achieves unrivaled precision, customizing the treatment to the specific characteristics of each individual's eyes. As a result, Contoura LASIK frequently delivers superior visual outcomes, with a higher number of patients achieving 20/15 vision or better.

All-Laser LASIK

All-Laser LASIK, on the other hand, is a ground-breaking advancement that eliminates the need for any mechanical cutting instruments during the procedure. Instead, this bladeless technology utilizes two state-of-the-art lasers to create a thin, precise corneal flap. By eliminating the need for blades, All-Laser LASIK minimizes the risk of complications, enhances the safety of the procedure, and promotes a faster healing process. This approach offers our patients unparalleled comfort and confidence throughout the LASIK experience, making it an increasingly preferred option.

Convenient LASIK Locations

Adelson LASIK offers 3 convenient locations in the Metro Detroit area to best serve you, with offices in Northville, Warren, and Shelby.
All our clinics are equipped with the latest technology in laser eye surgery, so you can be sure you’re receiving the best quality of care available.


Northville Location

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Warren Location

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Shelby Location

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