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Adelson LASIK’s Shelby clinic is one of the premiere destinations for cutting-edge vision correction in the Metro Detroit area. Conveniently situated in a prime locale, our Shelby office offers a modern and inviting clinical space where your journey towards clearer vision can begin. 

Just like all of Adelson LASIK’s esteemed clinics, our Shelby location is driven by our unwavering commitment to using the finest technology in vision correction available. Spearheaded by Drs. Todd and Howard Adelson, two of Metro Detroit’s most experienced LASIK surgeons, our skilled team leverages state-of-the-art advancements to deliver superior visual outcomes to each of our patients. We specialize in a range of vision correction procedures, including All‑Laser LASIK and Contoura LASIK, which allows us to offer personalized treatments and cater to a variety of diverse visual needs.

Custom Wavefront LASIK is a revolutionary innovation that harnesses wavefront‑optimized technology to address glares and halos with unmatched precision. Additionally, our ground-breaking Contoura LASIK incorporates FDA‑approved, high‑definition camera technology to carefully map 22,000 points on the corneal surface. This results in unrivaled accuracy and is why a higher number of Contoura patients walk away with 20/15 vision or better compared to other vision correction surgeries.

Adelson LASIK’s Shelby clinic operates on a foundation of personalized treatment and exceptional patient care. Our team of skilled experts will work alongside you to create a custom treatment plan specific to your individual needs. When you choose Adelson LASIK, you can be confident that you’re receiving the highest quality in vision care available.

We’re proud to transform the lives of thousands of patients every year, and you can be next. At Adelson LASIK, we offer free, no‑obligation consultations, during which we’ll confirm your candidacy and recommend a treatment plan that’s best suited to you.

Book a free consultation at Adelson LASIK’s Shelby clinic to get on the path towards clearer vision today.

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The Benefits of LASIK

The advantages of LASIK aren’t merely life-changing – they’re also boundless. Here are a few of the big ways your life can change when you discover freedom from glasses and contacts.

Simplifies your daily routine

LASIK can offer you more convenience in your everyday life by freeing you from the hassle of glasses and contacts. You’ll no longer have to remember to take your contacts out after a long night, or struggle to find your glasses the next morning. After LASIK, you’ll have one less thing on your mind.

The procedure is often quick and simple

Our procedures usually take no more than 10 minutes to complete, with the laser used for less than a minute per eye. Moreover, many of our patients are amazed at how fast and virtually painless LASIK surgery is.

The recovery is often quick

You don’t need to pause your life to achieve clearer vision. For most patients, the recovery from LASIK is quick and simple, and you can likely get back to your normal routine within 24-hours of the procedure.

LASIK saves money in the long run

LASIK can reduce or eliminate the recurring costs associated with glasses and contacts, including new frame, prescription sunglasses, and contact lens solution. LASIK is a one-time investment that can change your entire life.

Enhanced night vision

LASIK can make driving at night more comfortable and safer. Many LASIK patients report fewer halos and glares after surgery as well as enhanced colors and spatial awareness.

LASIK offers lasting results

LASIK works by reshaping the cornea to correct the root of the refractive error, making it a long-term solution to common vision problems like nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism.

With over 50,000 procedures performed, Drs. Todd and Howard Adelson are two of the most experienced LASIK surgeons in the Metro Detroit area. That’s experience you can trust.

Book a free, no-obligation consultation at Adelson LASIK’s Shelby location to discover the life-changing benefits of clearer vision today. 

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