When Can I Wear Makeup After LASIK Eye Surgery?

When Can I Wear Makeup After LASIK Eye Surgery?

Makeup serves as a fantastic means of self-expression, and one of the many benefits of LASIK eye surgery is that it can make it easier to enhance your appearance through cosmetics. The freedom from glasses and contacts that LASIK offers can streamline your makeup routine and simplify your everyday life.

For example, without contact lenses, you won’t have to think about putting them in before adding mascara or removing them before using makeup remover. Even more, when you no longer need to factor in glasses, you won’t have to fuss with false lashes or eyelash extensions brushing the rims of your frames, or your makeup being concealed behind lenses.

If you’re considering LASIK and you love wearing makeup, it’s normal to wonder when you can begin wearing cosmetics again after your surgery. The good news is that the recovery from LASIK is often quick, so most patients don’t have to wait long to get back to doing the everyday things you love. Here’s what you should know about wearing makeup after a laser vision correction procedure.

When You Can Safely Wear Makeup After LASIK Eye Surgery

When you come in for a consultation at one of our Adelson LASIK locations in the Metro Detroit area, you’ll receive a comprehensive set of guidelines regarding your post-procedure care, which will include information about when it’s safe to resume wearing makeup and how to do so responsibly.

On the day of your LASIK procedure, makeup should not be applied. In fact, it’s advisable to refrain from using eye makeup for at least 24 hours prior to your surgery. If you have any questions or concerns about this, our experts are available for further discussion.

Avoiding makeup is not limited to the procedure itself; you should also refrain from wearing makeup immediately following your LASIK surgery. In general, you’ll be advised to steer clear of eye makeup such as mascara, eyeliner, or eyeshadow, for at least 72 hours post-procedure to encourage quick and effective healing.

However, you may be able to use face products, like foundation or concealer, within a few days, so long as they’re not applied near the eye area. Detailed instructions on makeup usage after the procedure will be provided by our clinical staff.

If there is a specific need for wearing makeup shortly after your LASIK procedure, such as for a special event, you may want to consider delaying your surgery until a more suitable time. Our team of experts will gladly discuss your options during your complimentary consultation, helping you make the best decision for your individual circumstances.

Best Practices For Wearing Makeup After LASIK Eye Surgery

Even after receiving clearance to apply makeup following your LASIK procedure, it remains crucial to observe the following measures to prevent irritation and safeguard your overall eye health, not only during the recovery phase but also in the long run.

Keep these makeup application tips in mind post-LASIK:

Steer clear of the waterline: If you typically apply eyeliner and tightline your eyes by placing liner on your upper waterline to achieve a more pronounced look, be cautious. Using makeup in such proximity to the eyes increases the risk of poking or irritating them. It's advisable to refrain from applying makeup so close to your waterline, especially in the initial weeks following your procedure.

Gentle makeup removal: When removing makeup, adopt a gentle approach. Although it may take a bit more time to remove waterproof eyeliner, this method reduces the risk of irritation, which is especially crucial during the early weeks post-surgery. Even when you can resume using eye makeup, opt for products that are easy to remove, at least initially.

Clean your brushes: This advice holds true whether or not you've undergone LASIK. Regularly and thoroughly clean your makeup brushes to prevent the accumulation of bacteria. This not only enhances your makeup application but also helps prevent acne, skin irritation, and eye infections.

Avoid expired products: Always monitor the expiration dates of your makeup items, particularly eye products, which tend to expire more quickly. For example, mascara typically has a shelf life of only three months. Using expired makeup elevates the risk of acne, eye infections, and other undesirable outcomes. When in doubt, discard it.

If you're interested in learning more about how LASIK eye surgery or another vision procedure can improve your quality of life, schedule a free consultation with Adelson LASIK today to confirm your eligibility and discuss your options.