How To Choose Sunglasses After LASIK

How To Choose The Right Sunglasses After LASIK

The feeling of freedom that LASIK eye surgery can offer is unparalleled. You’ll never want to hide behind lenses or frames again. But even though you’ll be seeing the world through new eyes after LASIK, it’s important not to forget to shield your eyes from the elements, regardless of the season.

Why Sunglasses Are Important After LASIK

Wearing sunglasses is an important part of caring for your eyes, and not just during the initial recovery after a vision correction procedure. In every season, UV rays from the sun can be harmful to the eyes, raising the risk of developing a variety of ocular conditions.

But sunglasses don’t only protect against UV rays. They also act as a protective barrier against wind, dust, and other debris that can potentially cause discomfort and damage to the eyes. Needless to say, it’s imperative to wear a pair of good quality sunglasses when outdoors, whether or not you’ve undergone a LASIK procedure.

At Adelson LASIK in the Metro Detroit area, we’ve transformed the lives of thousands of patients through vision correction. When you undergo a procedure at one of our clinics, our team will give you detailed instructions for your post-operative recovery, including information on how to preserve your eye health well into the future. This includes when to wear sunglasses and how to find the right pair.

Below, we share some of Adelson LASIK’s best tips for choosing a quality pair of sunglasses.

What To Look For When Choosing Sunglasses

UV Protection: Opt for sunglasses that offer 100% UV protection. This fully shields your eyes from the sun’s rays, whether it's the scorching summer sun or the reflective snow in winter.

Polarized Lenses: Consider sunglasses with polarized lenses to minimize glare, which are particularly useful when driving or spending time around reflective surfaces, like water or snow. Polarized lenses can help enhance your vision while reducing eye strain.

Frame Fit: Ensure a comfortable fit by selecting sunglasses that sit well on your face without pressing against your temples or nose. A well-fitted frame minimizes the entry of dust and debris, thereby better protecting your eyes.

Lens Tint: Choose a lens tint that suits your lifestyle and outdoor activities. For example, amber or brown tints enhance contrast, making them ideal for driving, while gray tints provide natural color perception for everyday use.

Wraparound Styles: Consider wraparound sunglasses for additional coverage and protection from wind and peripheral light. This style not only looks trendy but also enhances your visual comfort in various environments.

When you discover the gift of clearer vision with LASIK, protecting your eyes with a good pair of sunglasses is the next logical step. As you explore your options, remember that your eyes deserve the best in both fashion and function – and that good sunglasses are important whether you’ve had LASIK or not.

If you haven’t discovered freedom from glasses and contacts yet, don’t wait to take the first step! Adelson LASIK in Metro Detroit offers free consultations for anyone interested in vision correction. Our team will be happy to confirm your candidacy and to recommend a personalized treatment plan based on your individual visual needs. Book a free, no-obligation consult today.